Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Westward Ho!

After making their way to Eastport,ME (self-proclaimed "the eastern-most city in the USA"), there was nowhere for Ms Dolphin and her Companions to go.... but West!
The Deepwater Harbor at Eastport. Whale Watchers at work.
West of East is Acadia NP, so.... a bit of Bicycling seemed the Thing to Do.
This is Sand Beach (on the Park Loop Road). Observe the Tidal variation.
A bit further on, Jan gazed out to Sea. The next Landfall in the direction of her Gaze is.... The British Isles.
A bit further again and we encountered these People. What are they Watching, do you suppose?? (HINT: This is called "Thunder Hole").
BOOM! The incoming Surf meets Granite in this Notch with a resulting Din.
Cycling isn't always Smooth&Fast. She is in 1st Gear and this 1/4Mi Hill is just one among many on the Loop Road. Seems Effortless in an Automobile.... Not so much when it is one Human-Power instead of 300 Horse-Power.
Leaving Acadia and heading West, the White Mountains of New Hampshire must be negotiated. To that end, we traveled 2/3 of the way around Mt Crumpet (Oops, sorry)....Mt Washington. We never saw it. Clouds are pervasive there.
Through Franconia Notch is a 2 lane Interstate Highway,
the only such that Ms Dolphin has seen.
This was the "compromise" reached between the "Tree-Huggers" (I surmise that is anyone
not In Love with the Smell and Sound of
Diesel Trucks under heavy throttle) and
the "Forces of Progress".
The Basin on the Pemigewasset River in Franconia Notch. This Pothole is being drilled in the White Mountains Granite by water/rock interaction
Thoreau stood here in 1839 and marveled at the Sight. He didn't have to listen to Heavy Truck Traffic a hundred yards away....
Ever Westward, a fortuitous Lunch Camp (a la Tioga George) was made at Wahoo's eatery. A Local Wonder.
This Jewel, Winhall Brook Camping Area (COE) near Jamaica,VT became an instant Favorite. Notice the Clear, Cold Water.
It has a Lovely 2.5Mi Bike path.
It just doesn't get any better than this, Eh?? The CG here has some water/electric sites.

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  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I want to travel with you!! You know all the history and the places to go. I'll have to come to Pgh and get a travel list from you!Hope to see you in Somerset County sometime! Char


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