Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Things to Eat

This is about Seitan (wheat gluten), also known as "wheat meat" to Vegetarians. Its the Protein in Wheat. Its what makes bread dough Sticky and therefore makes Bread possible. Take the Starch and Hulls out of Flour and.... you have Gluten.
Mix it with Tahini (sesame), Nutritional Yeast, and Flavoring (Smoke).
Knead it, and then Bake it.
Baste it, and then Grill It.
Sometimes Mommy DOES know Best.... Soak the Corn in the Husk (about 25Min). Grill it (about 25Min).
and then you have
"Ribz" (Grilled Baked Seitan), Grilled Corn, and Sauteed Garlic/Chard (with Lemon Juice). Yumm.
Yup, this is the sort of Thing that goes on at Chris and Amy's place (the Dining Room Table is, after all, the Center of the House).

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