Friday, September 19, 2008


The other day Lew drove Scape up to Transfer,Pa and picked up Marco. What a smoooth Tow! Stable. Good riding Trailer (rubber sprung trailing arm). The little 3.0L V6 Mill under Scape's hood can churn out 200 Horses. Double Ms Dolphin's power for roughly the same total weight. Got 14.4MPG towing. Hot Dog!
At an I79 Rest Area Lew snapped this PIC of Marco&Scape together for the first time.
Jan and Lew have Plans for Mr Marco. Certain Modifications are needed to tailor the Fit between the Humanoids and the Hardware.
This was Mr Marco's interior as-built. With a 30" wide dinette/bed and a 54" wide "double bed". Not really useable with one bed too narrow for one and the other bed too narrow for two. We replaced the side Dinette with a Gaucho which makes up into a 40" bed.
The front "double" bed has been replaced with another 40" single bed.

Hotel Marco.
Two Comfy beds for two light-sleeping Humanoids.

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