Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Weekend

Click on a PIC to enlarge it. Well. after two weeks of working on their Brand New RV.... Jan and Lew wanted an Outing.
Marco now has TV and the Internet. The Web via Sprint Aircard, Cyfre Amplifier, and Cyfre Wireless Router. This PIC looks rearward with the Bathroom Door to the Left.
Finally it was time for that Outing.
This is the COE (Corps of Engineers) CG in Confluence,Pa. Lovely little Spot, Eh?
Our little Home on Wheels.
This nice CG is on the premier RailTrail of the East. (the Great Allegheny Passage, the old Western Maryland Grade from Pittsburgh to Cumberland)
G. Washington camped here in 1754. Then a little ways from here.... he started the "French&Indian War" when his men killed a French Ensign and nine other French Soldiers.

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  1. David Schwarz4:57 PM

    After reading your previous blogs about the new trailer, I was all set to declare the entire thing pointless without a flat-screen TV. I see you've beat me to the punch.



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