Friday, October 17, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

Click on a PIC to enlarge it. This isn't about RoVing. It's about Lew's 96Yr old Dad who didn't return from the West to His Woods this Summer. Summer '08 in Western Pa was Humid and his Little House in the Woods Suffered. Lew and Jan stopped to check on the place on August 12 and found ....Trouble. We returned several times beginning on August 15 with masks, wrecking bars and Adam and emptied the basement.
Yup, that is Black Mold. Sickens most and Kills the Old.
Dunno about this White Mold. Adam, Jan and Lew donned Surgical Masks and dealt with it. Please Pass the Wrecking Bar.
This is [was] a Douglas Fir 2X8. Doug Fir is [usually] resistant to Rot. Hmm, that amount of Decay didn't happen in just one damp Summer, Eh? Using a Basement as living space in Pennsylvania isn't practical in the Long Term.
The "Root Cellar/Darkroom" cleaned out. The way a basement should be. Empty. Two Clorox applications. No Mold. 'Nuff Said.
On to the Next Problem....
Not a suitable Heating appliance. This old Coal Furnace is a Hazard.
Again, not acceptable. This Heat Exchanger was exchanging more Stack Gas than Heat. This Furnace needed replaced 10Yrs ago.

A brand new furnace installation commenced Oct 12.

And the next Problem....
Adam, Jan and Lew found This in the "Coal Cellar".
What is it?? It made them all Ill.
And now the Gorilla in the Room....
That is Asbestos backed Vinyl Flooring. Somehow this must be Mitigated, in order that Lew's Dad might return to his Dear Woods and not have Visitors risking their Lives. Asbestos exposure Kills some 90,000 Americans every Year.

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