Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting Out of Dodge

January in Penn's Woods.... Bears know enough to Hibernate, but the silly Humans don't know how. But the Humans invented Trains and Boats and Planes. So Lew and Katz blasted off with Marco&Scape for Florida. Jan, Trista and Cordelia will use the Tin Bird and they will all warm up.... at Walt Disney World.
When Lew and Katz left it was -8DegF. Seventy Per was the rule-of-the-day (couldn't get out of Dodge fast enough). Only got 10MPG at that speed. Didn't care.
Now that's a sight for sore eyes!
Almost Home. The entrance to Fort Wilderness, our favorite Camp Ground. Right in the middle of Walt Disney World.
Loyal Fans may want to know why a Blog Post has been slow in coming. Lew was busy. You see, Cordelia wanted a Bedroom. So a "Patty O' Room" was purchased to add to Marco's Awning. When installed it creates an outside room. The "when installed" part took some time, work and even some redesign.
Marco with the new Patty O' Room addition set up at Fort Wilderness, Site 1629. Ready for soon to be arriving Guests.
Cordelia has a bed (and so does Mommy).
Just outside Marco's door.

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  1. Brrrrr!!! I'm glad you got out of there. Looking forward to pictures of Cordelia and many princesses!


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