Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle

This year Grandma left nothing to Chance. She reserved places at the Breakfast Table at the Castle.
Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
So at the Crack of Dawn on the Appointed day Trista helped Cordelia get ready.
Then it was time for a walk to the Castle. (the street is empty because the Park hasn't opened yet)
Castles, especially a Disney Castle, must have suits of Armor on display, Eh?
Princess Cordelia having a conversation with Princess Cinderella.
Again, the Smiles say it all.
Then it was time to go upstairs for....
....Breakfast Of course the Plates are shaped like Mickey. How else??
But Cordelia could have cared less about eating.... because you see, Disney Princesses attend Breakfast at the Castle.
Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).
And Snow White, of course.
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) was there.
Later Cordelia had a conversation with Princess Jasmine about the Dance. (notice the feet) Yes, there is just something about little Girls and Disney Princesses.


  1. trista4:37 PM

    Just for the record- I was not drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade at the crack of dawn.

  2. I saw that in the PIC after I had Posted. Tee Hee.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    What was trista drinking antifreeze?

  4. trista9:37 PM

    Not at the crack of dawn! Antifreeze is more of a nightcap.

  5. trista9:44 PM

    I also want to say that I love that snow white. I am glad we have a picture of her. Also, Jan and I had a long talk with Belle about liking her plain dress and being librarians.

  6. Actually, the antifreeze was a Table Ornament....Lots of Folks at the Fort fancy-up their campsites but Jan wouldn't let me have Tacky Lights so I did what I could.

  7. Beautiful shots! Cordelia must have been in 7th Heaven!

  8. She was, and then of course, so were we :~)


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