Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Walt Disney World Parades

Walt Disney World is a special place. There is a Parade in each Park every afternoon and Fireworks at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios every night of the year. That's the way Walt wanted it. Disney Enterprises bought a Fireworks maker to ensure a neverending Supply. The Cynic might say that with what Disney charges they can afford some Floats and Skyrockets.... but that would be shallow. Parades and Fireworks are a carefully Crafted and excellently Presented part of the whole experience at WDW. Walt said he wanted to create a Holiday Place for the entire Family, young to old, and his Minions have succeeded for him (remember that Walt died in 1966 so he never saw this place, except in his mind).
Every Parade at WDW is attended by that Main Mouse, Mickey himself.
Snow White in the Magic Kingdom Parade.
Cinderella's Castle is a Landmark of MK, so she and her Prince are part of the Parade there.
The Parade at Animal Kingdom has an entirely different feel. Cordelia Danced through the entire Parade.
Disney Parades tend to be Interactive, especially for Kids. This Peacock bowed his head for Cordelia.
Dale spotted Cordelia Dancing....
....and gave her a High Five.

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