Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scenes from around the World

(Walt Disney World, that is). Click on a PIC to enlarge it.
Perhaps the second-most familiar Icon in this small World is "Spaceship Earth" at Epcot. Like most things here it serves multiple purposes. Its interior houses a ride.
One morning recently found a couple of familiar people lurking in its shadow.
This is a familiar Disney World scene repeated thousands of times: a young Princess and her Entourage (entering Tomorrrowland in this case).
Disney Characters often lurk giving people a way to actually enter the Fantasy.
A familiar scene at Hollywood studios is the Indiana Jones Stage where stunt-work is demonstrated, complete with Crashing and Burning vehicles and Bad Guys/Good Guys Fights.
Volunteers serve as Extras here. Trista and Jan made so much noise and commotion from the back of the audience that they were called upon (second and third from the right).
After a session with Wardrobe they appeared in Costume and joined the performance (from a position safely Stage Rear and later Safely Stage Right). The truck full of Bad Guys Crashes and Burns Stage Left).
Mickey in his Wizard costume (from Fantasmic).
Cordelia just hanging out at Animal Kingdom, but look above her head in the Background. That's the Mt Everest Roller Coaster, one of the best themed rides anywhere, where the Rider meets up with the Mountain Yetti in a dark Tunnel.
Another familiar scene, checking one's Character Autographs from the day.

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