Monday, February 09, 2009

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Sigh.... It came to pass that Jan, Trista and Cordelia had to ride the Tin Bird Home. Lew and Katz were left to drive Marco&Scape back north. But.... We had 6 day Park Passes and had used only 5 days. So Lew spent an extra day at WDW. He chose to go to Magic Kingdom because he wanted some PICs. Because of high G Forces and/or partial/total Darkness it is impossible to take PICs of most Disney Roller Coasters. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the exception, so Lew set out to take some PICs. He had to ride six times to accomplish that goal. Tsk, such hard work.
Only at Walt Disney World: The Red Hills of Utah in Florida. Notice the building at the extreme left....
....It is the "Station" for this "Railroad". 'BOARD!
Here you see the "Train", actually a Steel 'Coaster.
A thoroughly Disney touch, an animated Bobcat treed (or should I say "Cactused") by a group of Javelina.
Yup, BTMRR even has "Geysers" (the spray from which occasionally wets Riders).
My Prize. A Hidden Mickey! The Imagineers who build Disney Attractions occasionally place likenesses of the Icon in plain sight (if you are looking the right way at the right time). See Mickey's round Ears and round face?
Well. After all that work of riding Space Mountain 8 times and BTMRR 6 times Lew had worked up quite an Appetite, and he knew just what to do about it. Jan had previously pointed out the Hamburger Joint in Tomorrowland which sets out Vats of Fried Onions, Fried Mushrooms, Fresh Tomatoes and about every other Condiment you could name. Yum.

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