Friday, February 13, 2009

Crystal Palace Lunch

If you are looking for Fine Dining then Walt Disney World is not your kind of place. But.... If you are looking for a different Ambiance, may we say one with "character"(s), then Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom is just the right kind of place for Lunch.
Yes, Crystal Palace does have a lot of Glass, doesn't it....
....making it a Light and Airy pleasant sort of place.
The view from our Table was special.... Princess Cinderella's castle, the venue of our recent Breakfast.
But there is something else which adds to the Ambiance of a Crystal Palace Lunch....
You see, Pooh and his pals hang out there.
While patrons enjoy a leisurely lunch (a very decent Buffet, BTW, with something in it for everyone)....
....Pooh, Tigger, Eyore and Piglet....
....circulate among the guests, meeting and greeting everyone. This is great fun for the adults as well because everyone gets to act silly.
Obtaining the Autographs of such Famous Personages.... an important part of the Fun.


  1. My question is, how do they sign autographs without opposible thumbs?

  2. Tee, Hee. Its quite a Mystery, Eh?


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