Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Kitchen for "Middle Aged" Humanoids

Click on a PIC to Enlarge it. Well.... Jan and Lew seem to have Sand between their Toes. If they can't be out burnin' up Pavement and Gas... (Hmm, they say Idle Hands do the Devil's Work, Eh?) then they keep busy getting ready to do so. So one of them had a Bright Idea.... ....or maybe both of them did.... ....actually a couple of Ideas. (all Ideas are Bright, Eh?)

This is a PIC of Marco's Kitchen as-built. Big Stove, Little Countertop. OK for young people \who want to Fry Up all sorts of Things. Then Middle Age happens (if you are Fortunate). Think Less Fat. Think More Veggies. Fresh Veggies take a lot of Prep and less Cooking.

Time to rebuild the Kitchen. Oh, Looky-Looky! There's the TV, directly opposite the Couch. What does this have to do with Veggies, you ask?? Well.

Besides the TV being quite viewable, with this arrangement there are now two usable Countertop areas, one at each side of the Sink. So what? Fresh Veggies take a lot of Prep, that's what. Now Jan and Lew can both cut, chop, wash, slice/dice.

The Sink is now central to the Kitchen and a two burner Stove is plenty.... for Reformed Middle Aged Types (Pay no Attention to this Recent Blog PIC). P.S. How about that Spiffy real Wood Countertop? Sanded Pine treated with 4 coats of Mineral Oil.


  1. Just linked up here from your entry on the funfinders forum. Interesting changes! Happy RVing.

  2. We are a bit concerned about how well an oiled bare pine countertop will stand up....We shall see.

  3. Wow, you guys are amazing! Seems like a lot of work to go through for some veggies, but I really like it.

  4. Hee, hee. I guess the Veg could be sauteed mushrooms&onions to go on a Burger, Eh? Seriously, we are both excited about obtaining two work spaces.

    I didn't make clear in the Post that switching the positions of Sink and Stove is what made possible locating the TV opposite the Couch (TV above Sink OK, above Hot Stove not so much).


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