Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling

Click on a PIC to enlarge it. People who design RVs should try living in their Creations. Marco's Bathroom, while occupying the same space as Old Ms Dolphin's facility, was very difficult to use. When seated on the Throne a tall person's knees prevented the door from closing. Also the corner of the Sink poked one's side. Just not user-friendly.
Marco's Bathroom as-built. Note from the door frame position (lower left corner of the PIC) how close the Door will be to the toilet when closed. Also note that awful square Sink corner. Finally note how close the cabinetwork is to the back of the toilet. Very cramped!
Time to do something about the situation. Time to Remodel the Bathroom.
Much better! Abbreviating the Cabinetwork and rotating the Throne made all the difference. A very open feeling, lots of legroom and, no more protruding corners. Another piece of Pine did the trick for a new (matching) Countertop.
People have wondered what we would do for a Table since we removed the original Dinette. We finally solved that problem.... utilizing yet another piece of Pine.
Just the right size for two Plates. This PIC shows our use of a standard RV table leg and it's sockets.


  1. Once again, I am just amazed. The bathroom thing is a pet peave of mine. Too hard on your knees to stand up when you can't scootch forward first. I think the RV industry should hire you guys to do consulting!

  2. This Bathroom was so tight that one's knees were hard against the Door. Almost impossible to stand up without first opening the Door. A couple inches here and a couple there made all the difference. They ought to retain all of us, Eh? Diana, you have more a lot experience than we do living in a tiny space.

  3. How hard was it to rotate the throne?

  4. This can be a simple thing or not at all simple, depending on how the Toilet Mounting Flange is plumbed to the Blackwater Tank. In my case it was real easy. In Marco the Toilet sits directly above the Blackwater Tank. After unbolting and removing the toilet I removed the screws which secure the mounting flange to the floor. Since it is a Polyethylene Tank a friction-fit rubber bushing seals the straight-down pipe (from the Flange) to the Tank so I was able to simply rotate the Flange the desired amount and secure it to the floor again in its new position. An RV with an ABS Tank and all glued piping from the Flange to the Tank would be nasty.


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