Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Improvements

So how has it all turned out? Better and Better.

Private Campgrounds and some State and Federal CGs have Electric Service to each Campsite, and the Cost is usually included in the Fee. In such CGs why use Propane when Electric Heat costs nothing extra?

So Lew installed this electric heater.

With an input of 1500Watts and an output of 5100BTU this Broan "Kickspace Heater” can raise the Temp inside Marco about 40DegF above Ambient, and is Thermostat Controlled.

Marco's Roof with A/C replaced by a Fantastic Fan, 125Watt Kyocera Solar Panel, Omni-directional Digital TV Antenna, and the Cellphone (Internet) Antenna.

The Omni TV antenna proved ineffectual
and has since been removed.

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