Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ms Dolphin Finds a New Home!

Remember when Ms Dolphin indicated to us that she.... ....would prefer a more relaxed Lifestyle? So we bought Mr Marco to be our new Home on Wheels? Well. Ms Dolphin sat looking Bored in our driveway until Jan got the Bright Idea that there might be someone out there who would provide a new Home for her. So Jan placed an Add in Craigslist. Gary quickly responded that he wanted Ms Dolphin! Good-O!
Ms Dolphin looking Lonely and Bored.
Today Gary and Jodi came for Ms Dolphin.
Ms Dolphin's new Humans. Don't they look Happy?
Ms Dolphin and her new People heading off into the Sunset. Goodbye Ms Dolphin! We have had a lot of Fun traveling around the Country with you. We hope Gary and Jodi enjoy you similarly.

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