Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out and About at Last!

Aha! The Weather Nerd promised 70DegF for this weekend.... Friday evening it was off to see about some Exercise. There is a COE CG just 72Mi East of Pittsburgh which is situated on the Great Allegheny Passage, one of the Premier Rail Trails. Next morning Jan and Lew left Katz in Charge of Camp and Mounted Up. They weren't the only Humanoids up&about though.... was also the First Day of Trout Season. There were Hundreds of Fisher Folk in the Youghiogheny River seeing about those Fishies.
A couple miles down the Path was this sign. Hmm, why not, Eh?
A Special Spring Treat. The Bloodroot was in Blossom. (so named because it's Sap is Red.)
It just doesn't get any better than this. Blue sky, Green Rhododendron and a Clear Path. Pretty Wild looking country, Eh? . . . . You never know what (or Who) might be keeping you company in these Wild Hills. This Mountain Lion was hit by a Car a few miles from the Rail Trail near Grantsville, MD.
Fishermen and Bikers weren't the only Folks out&about. The Yough is a favorite Whitewater stream.
Bit of Whitewater here. Don't be deceived. Upstream are Class V Rapids and downstream are Class IV Rapids. Something for everyone on this River.
Back at Camp the Humanoids wondered why they were so Sore. The Odometer tells it all. 21.4Mi Good Job!
Bikers, Fishermen and Rafters weren't the only Folks out&about. Campers filled this CG. (those are Fishermen in the Drink.)
In this enlargement of the previous PIC, see Marco hiding amongst the Throng?

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