Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bandalier National Monument

We left Silver City Thursday June 25 and drove over Emory Pass and up the Interstate to Bandalier National Monument. What a lovely campground. Its at 6800 so it is nicely treed with stones and ruins within walking distance. We called our friends Tom and Genean and arranged to meet them the next day at the Visitors Center. Wandered all over the Bandalier Ruins. and wondered at my ability to see within a week what was occurring in the art world in the 1200's while the American Indians were making a living in these caves in the same time period. These are the ruins of the people's homes who lived in the valley. These are the peoples who built against the cliff face. The holes in the cliffs are the roofs of the different levels. This is a painting that was drawn in Italy around 1200 AD of Saint Francis. Of course, being with our old geyser gazer friends we had to go off and find a hot spring. We also had to be Geeks out stumbling about! Nothing like old friends and new places to have a really great day.

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