Monday, June 29, 2009

Arches National Park

Arrived in Moab on Saturday in the late afternoon. We found a private campground and left Mr. Marco in the hands of Katz.

We went and found replacement Red Dirt Shirts (dyed with Utah red dirt) and went to the grocery store. We both simply love the Red Dirt Land in this area. It is so pretty. Our plan was to wake up bright and early on Sunday and hike the Devil's Garden trail and see Landscape Arch. This is the trail that we took in 1990 with Adam and Amy. We stayed in the National Park Campground overnight that year and they also walked the primitive trail that included a few other arches. We got to the entrance gate before 8 AM. It was a brisk 61 degrees. The ranger at the gate told us that some campsites were available if we stopped at the Visitor's Center. Well, we quickly decided that we could stand the heat for the rare chance of camping in the Arches. So we paid for the site and then went for our walk before the day turned hot.

Starting on our walk.

Devil's Garden Trail Landscape Arch 

Our Campsite in Arches 

It was not only quite hot for these three Easterners, it had gnats and other small bitey flying things. Katz decided that a red dust bath was the answer. Only came out with water!

The next morning it was a warm 71 degrees at 6:30 AM. Off for another quick arches walk.

Then on our way to hopefully cooler land.

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  1. My favorite part of the country - Too bad it was so hot.


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