Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June 29: Old Haunts and Old Friends

After a two year absence Yellowstone still feels.... like Home.

Geyser Hill.
The thermal features are pinpointed by their early morning steam clouds

Jan and Lew were up at Observation Point when a radio call alerted everyone: "Water in Beehive's Indicator!" Heeding this warning of imminent Eruption, they turned on the Afterburners and Jetted to the scene in time for the show.

Among the old friends who saw Beehive that day were Karl Hoppe and his family. Karl was about his son's age when he introduced the Johns family to Geysergazing in 1985.

A favorite Old Haunt is Grotto Geyser where a start is always exciting.

Lunch at The Inn is just the Thing after a morning with the Geysers.

 Aurum Geyser on Geyser Hill.

A 2.5Mi bike ride along the Firehole River brings one to Lone Star Geyser, so named because of it's rare solitary occurrence. The Ride and the Geyser were both Beautiful, as always.

Relaxing with old friends on the porch of the Lower Hamilton Store.
Dan helped Alex learn to use a digicam.

The day isn't quite complete without seeing Riverside Geyser.

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  1. Well you certainly seem to know your way around. And I guess you were pretty lucky to see Beehive erupt. I hope to be there in a few weeks.


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