Friday, July 31, 2009

July 7: Mudpots and Mud Parties

A visit with Mike and Cynthia also means a visit with Alex and Megan....
While some Sybs argue and fight, these two are best of friends. They were having great fun digging a hole. Then Jan, troublemaker that all middle school teachers must be at heart, suggested that the hole could be filled with water....
....and the rest became history. A Princess Mud Party! It took three fillings of the Bathtub before Clean Kids appeared again.
Then it was time for Bedtime reading.
Katz liked Alex and Megan's house because Pocket Gophers live under one corner.

Some Backyard, Eh?

Next morning it was time for Alex's favorite Walk (around Artist Paintpots).
See the mud splashed up on the railing?
This is what they all were watching, a Yellowstone Mudpot.

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