Friday, July 31, 2009

Critters of Yellowstone

Everyone has PICs of Yellowstone Wildlife but since this BLOG is our Memory Bank here are a few notables for us in '09.
This is actually a common sight in The Park these days. The Bison have habituated to the Humanoid Path. Anyone thinking to be 500Mi away by this Evening can think again, Eh?

This eagle's Nest has been in use for many years (near 7 Mile Bridge). It appears that this year was successful with two Chicks Fledged.

One of the Bison Herds frequents Fountain Flats this summer. In the background are the Thermal Features of the Lower Basin.

A very successful year for the Bison of Yellowstone. Aren't they Cute?

Can't say the same (cute) for this Grizz.

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