Saturday, August 01, 2009

July 13: Down to Deadwood and Up from Mystic

The Black Hills is a good place for Lew and Jan
(read as lots to do)
so they keep returning there.

First Marco and Katz
were installed on
the third Level at
the Deadwood KOA,
an RV Park built up
the steep mountainside
in five tiers.
In the background is
the Talings from the
Homestake Mine.
At the 8000Ft Level the
temperature in this Goldmine
is 138DegF.
Jan is plotting the next
day's activity....

....which will be having the Taxi drop the Humanoids
and their Machines off at the top of the Mountain
so they can Bike the [mostly] downhill 16.4Mi back
to Deadwood.

This PIC is to remind Lew
that the first two miles
are actually uphill.

Jan stopped to marvel
at the Green-ness of
the Black Hills
this year.

Look at that Green Grass!
(and the running Creek)

Now she has a Roll on it!

Sore bodies dictated that the next day's activity should
be a walk rather than another another Bike Ride.
The Flume Trail is a nice walk in the woods and has....

....a Tunnel,
as well as....

....skirting a Cliff.

Further on was this Gigantic Fungus.

The return loop of the 4Mi walk
is on the floor of
the Gulch.

For the third day in the Black Hills another bit
of the George S Mickelson Rail Trail was explored.
The five mile Grade South from Mystic has two Tunnels.
Then you get to ride the steep Downgrade to Mystic.

Jan is about to enter Tunnel #1.

Lew is about to enter Tunnel #2.
Note that it is curved.
The plan for next year is to
Bike from Mystic to Hill City.

After the Ride Lunch was
at Boondocks.

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