Monday, August 03, 2009

July 16: The Ingalls Homestead

Remember that the Ingalls family (Little House on the Prairie) settled in DeSmet, SD and that Pa filed a Homestead Claim just outside of town? The Sullivans have reconstructed Pa's Claim Shanty in it's correct location to Laura's description and according to the description given in the Claim Papers. There is now a tiny RV Campground on Laura's Hilltop as well as a reconstructed Schoolhouse.
The Hilltop Laura wrote of in Little House on the Prairie. The Claim Shanty is in the lower right.
Pa's Claim Shanty reconstructed as seen from Laura's Hilltop. DeSmet is visible from it's windows about a mile to the Northwest.

A copy of part of Pa's Claim Papers.
The Slough Laura wrote of from which Pa harvested the Slough Grass with which they heated the Store during The Long Winter. PIC taken from the Claim Shanty porch.
This original Claim Shanty from the adjacent Homestead was donated and moved onto the Ingalls Homestead by the Sullivans.
It's History.

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  1. I would LOVE to go there and see that. Also in Missouri you can see Laura's home, where she wrote the little house books and actually spent most of her married life. It was Rocky Ridge Farm. I'd love to visit that too.


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