Tuesday, August 04, 2009

July 19: A Summer Afternoon

Lew and Jan always look forward to a stop at Jerri and Tim's place in Bloomington, Il. Kids and Grandkids descend on them regularly.
Tim's Tomato Forest has taken over the Deck. Yes, that is a Golf Course in the background.
Talk about a Grandkid Attractor! The Pool sees heavy use on hot summer days.
Tim fishes thousands of Golf Balls from the Lake. High entertainment is Driving them back into the Lake. (Power Hitters make the distant Trees) Ethan determinedly tried his Hand.
Jerri showed Jan the Proper Form and....
....Strike One! (missed that one)
Another Grandkid Attractor is the Trampoline.
Jan had better success with that Activity.
See Grandpa Troublemaker Tim handing out those little round Crackers that expode when thrown onto a hard surface.... ....or a Sibling's or Cousin's foot.

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  1. Nice jump on the trampoline Janet!


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