Tuesday, August 04, 2009

July 21-July 30: Helping out

The Travelers arrived back in Bethel Park on the 21st. For four days they Commuted to the Woods and worked on the installation of a new Furnace and the Primer Painting (with anti-mildew Kilz) of Lew's Dad's Cabin. Jan also removed the rest of the Ancient Wool carpet (which had been discarded from the Alcoa Building in Pittsburgh in 1968). One day was spent wirebrushing and scrubbing the walls and floor of the "Coal cellar" (for those uninitiated, the coal to fuel a coal furnace fills a room, usually in the Basement of the structure).
The imperative for replacement.
The new Furnace.
Condition of the "Coal Cellar" prior to scrubbing.
The evening of July 26 was the "final walkthrough" for Adam and Trista prior to Closing the next morning on their "new" Home in Mt Lebanon. Lew load-tested all the Electrical Outlets to be sure all "Knob-and-Tube" Wiring had been replaced. July 27, 28, and 29 were spent helping Paint.

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