Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Marco Hefty Smurf

According to the CNW (manufacturer of Marco) Website, Marco weighs 2550Lb empty and with no Fluids. The posted GVW is 3000Lb, giving a CCC of 450Lb.

BTW, Inside a cupboard door is this curiosity.... an empty weight (UVW-Unloaded Vehicle Weight) of just 1820Lb????
Lew finally weighed Marco at a Scale outside Alamogordo, NM and this is what he found....

Holey Sagging Springs, Batman! This thing weighs 3280Lb. 10% over it's Maximum GVW. Grrrr.
So Lew got out Sue's Bathroom Scale and weighed stuff: ~68Lb (2 Propane Bottles), ~60Lb (2 Bikes on an back bumper), ~70Lb (one GRP27 AGM battery), ~20Lb (Kyocera 125W Solar Panel), ~110Lb (13Gal fresh water and 6Gal in WTRHTR), ~20Lb Tools, ~25Lb Canned Goods, ~40Lb Cookware/Flatware/Dishes (including Just For Dinner Breadmaker, a mini food processor and a cast iron skillet), ~30Lb Clothes, ~30Lb Bedclothes/Memory Foam/Pillows, ~20Lb Bread Machine Mix), ~35Lb (Add-a-Room), ~30Lb Misc Items, ~15Lb (Books), ~15Lb (2nd Fantastic Fan), ~15Lb (19” LCDHDTV), ~20Lb (Kitty Toilet), ~35Lb (Spare Tire), ~ 15Lb (food-in-Fridge), ~10Lb (Macerator Pump&Plumbing). Subtract 60Lb from OEM due to replacement of 100Lb Roof A/C with 40Lb Window unit. That all comes to an added weight of 703Lb. 2550Lb + 700Lb = 3250Lb. Pretty close agreement with CNW's posted empty weight. But if the GVW is 3000Lb we are tooo heavy. Hmm, something's gotta give, Eh?
One quick thing is to
carry no water on-the-road. Besides draining the Freshwater Tank, this water heater shut-off and Quick-Drain were installed.

Yup, that took 100Lb off.

Update: So Lew crawled under Marco and read the Tag on the Axle and this is what he found....
....Hmmm, that says 3500Lb (1591Kg). That would give a CCC of 750Lb. Respectable for a small TT. This is in agreement with the CNW Website, which states Marco's axle rating and GVW as 3500Lb. So why does the Tag on the side of the Trailer say that the GVW = 3000Lb??

Further Update:On 08/06/09 I received an EMail from Mr. Ned Collins, CEO of Columbia Northwest(manufacturer of Marco), to the effect that the GVW of this TT is indeed 3500Lb. CNW will mail me a new weight sticker to this effect. This indeed provides a CCC of 950Lb, quite usable for a TT of this size.

Another Update: We have dumped the spare tire, the Bread Maker and Mix, and the cast iron skillet. We converted from a 40# Awning and 35# Add-a-Room to an 18# Screen Room. We replaced the 65# Battery with a 28# Lithium Battery. We replaced the 15# TV with a 6# new TV. So we are now around 3000#.


  1. I didn't understand all of what you wrote about the weights, etc but I know this.....Manufacturerers LIE!!!

  2. Hey Lew, I see you're in the fair state of New Mexico. Any chance you guys will make it up to Ghost Ranch? Email me if you're close, love to put a face to the blog.



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