Monday, December 14, 2009

Marco gets a New Bathroom

Marco OEM Bathroom took too much space in a 17ft TT so the project became installing a combo Shower-Pan/Toilet-Tank unit in place of the OEM Bathroom. A combo shower pan with a built-in 7Gal Toilet Tank was procured.

This is the underside of a similar unit. The black part is the Toilet holding tank.

The Shower-Pan/Toilet-Tank ready to install with
wood support structure added.
A standard "short" RV Toilet
bolts to the black Flange.

These 1X2 Oak pieces
were added to better support the Toilet. They are screwed to the box structure and the Toilet mounting Flange is screwed to them in turn.

The Combo unit in place in Marco. This will be what is called a "Wet Bath", wherein the entire Bathroom functions as a Shower enclosure.
DWV Plumbing installed. The foreground void will be filled in and become a high threshold when stepping up into the Bathroom.
The Sink finished. Spar Urethane makes it Waterproof.... (remember, "Wet Bath”?)

This view shows the location of the Telephone Shower Head and other details.

The new Bathroom is more compact than the OEM facility was.
The bifolding Pine door was retained.

 The OEM Bathroom.

New Drain Plumbing was required
to connect the permanent Sewage Macerator Pump.
The Toilet Tank is situated inside under the Toilet but above the Floor. It's Drain exits vertically through the large valve seen in the PIC. The small valve behind and below the large valve controls flow from the graywater tank to the Macerator Pump, seen bottom Left in the PIC. A stone guard was constructed to protect the pump and plumbing from stuff thrown by the wheel. The 3/4” Sewage discharge hose is in the foreground.


  1. Greetings,

    I just bought a combo pan unit for my trailer, and I am curious about your venting of the black tank. Is it vented to the sink vent?

  2. Yes, the new black tank is vented using the existing vent stack for the bathroom sink tank. You can see the vent plumbing in the PIC titled "DWV Plumbing installed". I did it this way to avoid cutting an additional hole in the brand new Filon Fiberglass roof. Did you notice the support I added under the Toilet Flange? This really stabilized the Toilet.

  3. You can't see in the PIC, but the Black Tank Vent passes BEHIND the sink drain trap to reach the vent stack Tee which is against the left front corner of the bathroom. In the PIC it sort of looks like the vent pipe tees into the sink drain, which it doesn't.

  4. where did you get the combo pan

  5. could you tell me how you placed the 1x2 oak pieces in between the shower pan and the black tank? Did you have to remove the flanges to get in between the black tank and shower pan? if so, was the flanges screwed in or cemented?


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