Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There'll Be One Child Born in the World to Carry On

March 18
A good day to welcome a Child
Into the World.

Ms Violet Jane Mentz-Johns is welcomed
Into the World by her Mom and older Sis.

Happy Grandma and sleeping Violet.

Grandpa thinks that, just like with Cordelia
seven years ago, this is just the Bees Knees.

Little Sis, Big Sis. Cordelia and Grandma
Figured out and did the Embroidery.

Aunt Amy looks pretty happy about her new
niece....and about Babies in general. Hmmm.

Violet and Cordelia's Uncle Chris got to celebrate
His Birthday and Violet's birth together.

Aunt Amy and Uncle Chris
took Cordelia, Grandma and Grandpa


  1. Oh, wow! Big congratulations! Violet is a real beauty.

  2. Thanks, Diana. Busy times around here :~)

  3. beautiful family Janet and Lew. thanks for sharing the pictures. baby and big sis are beautiful. So wonderful.


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