Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 15 Luggage is arriving for 3 of us today. So we need to be here to get the luggage. First to arrive is Shannon's luggage. After we Ahh and Ohh over things like make-up, we ventured out into the city to get our metro passes and musuem pass. The metro system is heavily used. We had to wait in line quite a while to get our passes which are good Monday-Sunday in all of the Paris zones. I had some troubles the day before with running out of metro tickets and not being able to get more so I am very happy to have my metro pass. Then on to the Louvre. Wow! I made it! We went and saw some of the most famous works. It was very crowded. Then back to the apartment to receive more luggage. More unpacking! Everyone but one (me) changed clothes to go eat out. Finally supper at a local restaurant (Italian). It was 10 minutes to midnight when we were done eating. Just made it to the metro before it closed.


  1. It is so cool. They function on a different time frame there,eating late and light. Hope your luggage comes soon. I wished I had taken a picture of all the places we ate when I was there. I think that would have been cool. One thing is for sure...the French know how to do Italian food!

  2. What, no Snails....no Truffles?

    Mona Lisa looks a bit desperate over there on the wall in the Crowd, doesn't she?



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