Monday, June 15, 2009

June 11 The last student day at school. The Paris girls get into the mood by wearing their new Paris shirts. June 12 Last teacher day....and we are off.... Well kinda off....thunderstorm in Atlanta lead to the crew timing out in a holding pattern...we went to Greenville then back to Atlanta on another airplane....missed our connection to Paris. So here we are: Night One 2 AM is not the best time to make decisions. Carole is talking to Delta and rearranging our flight from the next night: instead LeGuardia to JFK then using Air France to Paris. Arriving at our Apt at 9AM.....without our luggage. We got to our apartment and went grocery shopping. This is our first meal in our digs. Pasta from a pasta store, baguettes from the local bakery, salad and wine from the grocery store. The world view changes with good food and friends. Shannon is sitting beside me and Dee is across. Carole is taking the pic. Then it was off to mass at the Notre Dame. With the famous Rose Window. This is a street from the left bank. Reminds me of several Impressionist paintings. Fun and games then occurred as we split up. I got lost in a metro station and the other three did not find the Seine River tour they wanted to take. But I made it back to the apartment as did they. Our first night ended.


  1. trista7:02 AM

    Our family has bad luck with connections to Europe. Adam and I were supposed to have missed our philly to london flight due to being unable to land due to traffic, but we ran and ran and made the flight, our luggage, did not make it! I hope your luggage shows up soon. Enjoy your days in Paris.

  2. What a Fantastic Post! Thinking about you standing in front of Notre Dame taking those PICs....And walking down that Street on the Left Bank....Places we Americans only read about. Best Ms Dolphin Post ever. Oh, and eating [real] baguettes....with French wine.


  3. Anonymous3:57 PM

    So glad you are there and smiling! Have a great day, hope my suitcase has arrived!


  4. Hmm. Jan could ask Shannon to safety-pin a Tag to her shirt which says on it (in French) "Hi! I'm Lost! Please send/take/point me to: 4, Rue du Chateau, Paris 16th-Neuilly" ....Hee, hee.


  5. Maria7:43 PM

    Janet, thanks for the blog update. Sounds so wonderful. I went to Paris once before Jack was born, Summer of 1994. It was a great week. nothing better than red wine, cheese and a baguette. I will share your experiences with the folks in Berlin. There may be a dozen people left from when you were here.


  6. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Wow the buildings are amazing.
    Take some pictures of the local girls.LOL.

  7. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Lisa and I arrive in Paris this Friday morning!
    We'd be happy to see you there, if a day, a time, and a place can be arranged.

    Are you checking email?
    If so, look for the note I just sent you.

    Michael Goldberg


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