Thursday, June 11, 2009

On to Silver City

Click on a PIC to enlarge it. After Ambling across West Texas Lew and Katz stormed up the long [gentle] Grade from Hobbs, NM to a lovely little CG just East of Cloudcroft, where they tucked in for the Night.
In the Pines @ 8000Ft.
The next morning they Drifted down out of Cloudcroft.

Yup, that sign means it. A 4000Ft Drop in 15Mi at a careful 35MPH. No Hot Brakes for Marco or Scape!

That is White Sands showing 'way out there on the valley floor.

Marco&Scape in an Alien Landscape, Eh? The intense White of Gypsum Sand gives the place it's name.

Marco tucked in at Silver City
where Katz will need to become acquainted with.... two Cats, two Goats and one curious Horse.

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