Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17---for me a day at the Lourve

Shannon had a friend visiting so she volunteered to stay and get my luggage. Carole and Dee decided to go to the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile. My foot is having issues with me so I decided I better get going with seeing the paintings I so want to see. So I set off for the Lourve. I rented one of the audioguides and started with the Lourve book to find all the paintings of my dreams. It was not crowded, for example I was the only person in the Rembrandt room, all alone with those paintings. Talk about a happy camper. My Mom would be so astonished that I am so interested in the art she loved. It rubbed off after all. This is the map of the rooms I saw and I marked the ones I want to revisit if I can. The page numbers match the lourve catalog of great art book that Dee and I bought. I paid so much attention to the art, that it was late lunchtime before I knew it. I decided to simply rest my foot by eating in the museum. I managed to order some food. Coffee and a quinche. And stare at the statues that shared my space. This was a late night for the Lourve which worked out well for me. It took me until 6:30 to find my Renoir that I knew was in that place somewhere! Finally left at 7:30 PM for dinner with the girls. A truly grand day for me.


  1. great pictures of the Louvre and what a yummy looking lunch. I just ate, and lookingat that made me hungry.

  2. Is the Rembrandt painting a self-portrait?

  3. OK. I am Captivated by the Renoir. I believe the Girl in Foreground is Singing (from the sheet music) and the Woman is playing a Tone Pipe?

    OMG, anything Renoir (and any of the the Impressionists) laid brush to speaks to me.



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