Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18

Another fine day in Paris. Took off in the morning for a visit to the Lourve. I went and saw some of the paintings I saw on the day before. That place is full of paintings and paintings. If I would do this again, I would stay or plan on visiting the Lourve for a few hours every day. Its just a bit much to spend a day. I noted more details in some of the work and found others I liked. Lots of kid tours. The kids act differently here. In front of one nude photo, two kids were being posed to show how the light angles would work. The guide was explaining with gestures so I could follow a bit. They all were seriously looking without a snicker in the lot. The culture angle sure shows. We saw a white paper tour that reminded me of the yellow notebook tours in Yellowstone. All going in a line somewhere with a front and rear person. I wondered if they had a few hours to find the various art work! At Yellowstone they run around looking for geysers and get extra points for if it is erupting. After time in the Lourve, we went to eat lunch at the Tuileries Garden which is just outside the Lourve. Three of us had a salad while Shannon ate a French hotdog. It was in real bread with a sausage flavor. She shared! We walked through the garden and to the Orangerie Museum. Lots of Monet and Renoir along with Picasso. Next we went to the Sainte-Chapelle, built in 1248, with 70% of the windows original. Finally supper at a Chinese restaurant.


  1. I keep looking at the PIC of the Church Window in Wonderment.

    Hmm, it does look like there was French wine with the Chinese chow....

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    What an incredible experience you are having!
    The history the ART! What an experience.
    Keep smiling!!!!


  3. Anonymous9:12 PM

    How much fun to be Paris. Was there 30 years ago at this time of year. But I don't remember it as fondly as you find it now. Things have changed! Keep on posting; your tales are great!

    Where are you at now Lew?


  4. what a wonderful trip, great pictures


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