Monday, June 22, 2009

June 19th

Shannon and I stayed at the apartment while Carole and Dee went to the Eiffel Tower. Here is a photo of what it looks like. I figured long lines and it took them three hours to do it all. I tried to sleep some more as did Shannon. I've only been sleeping a few hours every night and it is starting to wear me out! When they came back we took off to take the RER to Restaurant Fournaise. We were too late to eat but Dee's quickly asking for a desert got us in before it closed. They said they would serve us the only meal they had which was duck salad and a desert. I got to sit and look at the boat launch painting scenery. The food not to good but I loved the setting! After our late lunch the order of the day became shopping for the others while I took off for a late night at the Louvre and what a treat occurred! I was sitting by myself in one of the tiny rooms looking intently at on the the pieces when a English speaking group came into the room. I listened while a guide talked about how the accession numbers on the paintings indicated the art piece is one of the 1,500 pieces that the Louvre displays that the Nazis had taken from private citizen's. I was quite taken with his talk and a woman came over and asked it I would like to go to the next room with them. I was invited to join their tour. Seems it's a group of English speaking people who meet every month at the Louvre for a curator talk. This one was on what happened to the paintings in France during WW II. It was fascinating and I was thrilled to hear it all. I thanked everyone for allowing me to join them. They wanted to know where I got my chair! Some folks have never seen it so here is picture of me sitting in it. Check other photos and you will see me carrying it around. I barely made it back to the Apartment by the 10 PM time I had said. Then another great meal of pasta, baguettes and wine. Bed with an early start needed for the next day. What a grand day for me!

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