Monday, June 22, 2009

June 20th

Last day for Paris... We set the alarm and got an early start arriving at Chateau de Versailles before it opened. We toured the castle first. Now that is a globe to have in your study! Then went to the Gardens. The fountains were operating for the weekend. Jan decided to go to the D'Orsay again and left the other three to fully explore Versailles. At the D'Orsay Jan found the Renoir paintings she thought it had. Looked at the paintings and started to feel tired. She decided that food and coffee would allow more paint viewings. The French coffee is very potent and comes in a very small coffee cup. she had that along with a red raspberry tart...good tasting stuff. She went back to the apartment and found that Micheal and Lisa Goldberg had called. When he called back again, it was decided that we would meet for dinner. Our deserts!

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  1. I have really enjoyed all the Paris pictures. Thanks so much for posting them.


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