Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going south

Monday June 21 Woke up in the rain forest to more rain! We had decided that going to the south most point of the U.S. Would be fun. So we said good bye to Volcano National Park.

Then onward to the south point.

No signs, no marker...just Tuna fisherman. Of course, we did find this sign.

Sorry folks, no pictures of the mango donuts. Just fond memories by now. Next we went to a black sand beach with sea turtles resting!

Off we go to visit Carole's cousin Shannon, who teaches math and has "lived off the land". She took us to Lava Tree State Park for a look at plants and rocks.

We also went to a hot pool that is heated by a fissure. A local favorite for swimming.

Next stop was a walk to see where the latest lava flowed. This was a road.

After the lava cools, you still have ownership.

Then a fond farewell to Shannon and another day ends.

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