Monday, June 21, 2010


On my things to see list is an active volcano. So we arrived on the Big Island and immediately went and looked at waterfalls. This is rainbow waterfalls. You can see why it has that name.

Then to boiling pots.

On the way to boiling pots, Carole and Dee picked mangoes off the ground for a snack...that was tasty too. Now on to Volcanos!

This is what you can see of the active volcano, Kilauea from the Jagger museum. We went back at night and saw it in the dark.

The lava flow had stopped while we were there but not the glow from the magma. We went for a walk through the lava tubes.

That walk ended with a stroll through a fern tree forest. Sure made me think of my Mother-in-law.

Next we stopped and looked at some lava trees.

Rather interesting rock.

Lava flows

To the sea...that's all new land.

Then it's to the very edge.

We are in a rain forest environment. That includes the rainbows.

We were so hungry for supper that I forgot a pic until the very end.

Oven cooked pizza. It was good!

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