Sunday, June 20, 2010

Really Not Kansas, Katz

Lew and Katz are back on the Road. Heading North for Bozeman, Mt.

This is Katz's view out Marco's front window this evening....definitely not Kansas.

That is Mesa Verde. The aboriginal people built a Civilization up there based on growing Corn and Gathering all else. They built extensive Cliff Dwelling Homes and then abandoned it all around 1200AD. Global Climate Change was a Bitch then and is now. The saddest thing is that, whereas they were Laid Low by natural changes over which they had no control, we could choose to exert Control and Mitigate the Climate Change we are causing. Will we??? Or will our Civilization and Culture become merely the Subject of Future Archaeology Courses?

Location:Cortez, Co

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  1. beautiful view and you're right. Our insatiable use of our world's natural resources, speed up this climate change.

    I've been thinking too...."we" Americans are as much to blame as BP for the oil disaster in the Gulf. If we didn't need to use so much oil for our cars, Hummers, plastic water bottles, etc...then BP wouldn't be drilling over a mile down in the Gulf to begin with.

    Just my thoughts.


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