Sunday, June 20, 2010

Travels with Charlie

Day Four: June 19 Started the day with a other trip to the beach. A swim out to the Coral Reef before Breakfast. I didn't take the camera so no pics today. I am quite looking forward to more time at the coral reef later. Then off we went with Shannon's Dad as a guide to the tour of the island.

These are the islands in front of our apartment from another view.

Hey that isn't a geyser is it? No it's called blowout and is located:

On to a wonderful beach that the military has... The house behind us is were Clinton vacationed in Hawaii.

Then on to see sea turtles. This species is endangered. I talked to the volunteer who told me that 600 of these turtles exist. One hatched eggs this season 500 miles away. Can you see the turtle?

I want to snorkel with the turtles! Then on to the Dole Plantation where we attempted the maze and quit after spending a half hour getting three of the eight stamps...yes we lose.

But the real reward was the pineapple float.

Enough food for the ice of us for sure. Then after a tour of the barracks at Hickman field back to the apartment for a much needed rest.


  1. I saw the turtle!! That would be fun to swim with them. and that pineapple creation. WOW! I love fresh pineapple. It must really taste amazing there...super fresh! Glad you are having a good time.

  2. also-did you post a video? I couldn't access it.

  3. Anonymous9:54 PM

    You guys are looking good in Hawaii!!!
    Love those hats on the girls!!!
    Janet I hope you shared that ice cream...
    Enjoy Chris


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