Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Made It to the North Country

So Lew and Katz headed on North through Coyote and Roadrunner Country.

This Pic was taken near Moab, Utah. The Red Rock Country this area is famous for.

Moab is also famous for it's Arches. Northward the Intrepid Travelers Journeyed. Climbing the Long Grade to Soldier Summit Lew considered 'Scape's very hard working Transmission and the number of Long Hard Pulls Marco&Scape have made....there is something called a "Transmission Power Flush", the only way to really change all nine quarts of the Fluid which is the Lifeblood of an Automatic Transmission. The harder 'Scape pulled the more Lew thought about that Fluid. Sooo, some INet searching and a Cellphone call determined that there was a qualified Shop in Idaho Falls.

Meet Chris, of C&S Auto Repair (the "S" is his Wife Shannon). Good People who know what they are doing. I recommend them.

Out with the old Blood (the dark stuff) and in with the new (the lovely Pink colored stuff). $125 worth of Peace of Mind and well worth it. Intrepid Travelers need all the help they can get. On Northward they ventured until....

They arrived in the Tourist Town of West Yellowstone, Mt. See Katz's Nest Snuggled into the trees.

This is Proof that while PICs don't lie, photographers do. This is actually a very busy and packed-in-close RV Park in a packed-in-close little Western town. Off to see what there is to see....which, in Geyserland is....

Geysers! Well, not really. Lew chose to visit Norris Geyser Basin today. Geyser Gazers have nicknamed it Snorris because these days everything there is Snoozing. This is the Crater of STEAMBOAT, the World's Largest Geyser (WHEN ACTIVE), which it obviously is NOT.

Another view from 1/4 Mi away.

Geothermal areas are ever-changing and none more so than Norris. There used to be a cute little Geyser here named "Porkchop". One day in 1989 there was a Steam Explosion and this Crater/Steaming Pool is what is left.

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  1. The trees, the rocks, the clouds!! Exquisite!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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