Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last morning in our lovely apartment. The Lanikai Beach is rated one of the best and wow we sure are sorry we won't see that beautiful sunrise tomorrow. Jan was the only one to hit the waves this morning. She was out doing water aerobics while the others took a last stroll.

Then to face the steps one last time.

To recap a few things: Photo art:

Fashion while being tourists:

Fashion for going out to see molten lava after dark:

Fashion for going to the beach:

And the fashion for saying a very fond Aloha to Our Hawaiian adventures.


  1. Wonderful photo art. I don't know what I liked better the sunset and palm trees or janet's fashion show!!!!

    So happy for you and that you had such a wonderful time!

  2. Vaughn11:10 AM

    I'm a little late in my response, but you four sure picked the best place in the world for this adventure. Now you know why Barb B. and her husband, return almost annually. Dee, our team will be using a giant poster of you in your "molten lava after dark" attire to greet the students as they arrive this fall.


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