Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Old Friends

Jan met Lew at the Airport as planned and they drove off to visit the land.

Then off to visit old friends..The trumpeter swan is back. The swan has been mateless for a number of years now. The Bald Eagle nest had some babies in it.

Then on to see more friends... First a lovely Great Fountain

Beehive from the parking lot.

Then a fashion show at Grotto...What every good Geyser Gazer wears.

On our way back to West we got stuck in a bison jam. Soon we hear a horn look back two cars and it's Cynthia and the kids on their way to O.F. To see us. At the Lower Parking lot we set up for a nice chat and play.

Alex:"Mommy, could we please go and see my favorite geyser?". Talk about a blast from the past. Note the crowd.


  1. Brings back great memories of Anemone watching by our kids.

  2. I love it! Except I'm not sitting there. Ahh, the hours that Adam and Amy and I would sit there with those geysers passing the time away...


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