Friday, June 18, 2010

Out and About in New Mexico

While the Ladies (including the one with the Good Looking Legs) are seeing about Tropical Hawaii, Lew and his 98Yr old Dad set out to explore a little corner of the Black Range on the West side of the Rio Grande Valley. To that end 'Scape trucked them from Silver City Eastward up to Emory Pass.

Lew's Dad at Emory Pass. Sawyers Peak in the background soars 9,660 Ft above Sea Level. That View is looking South. Turning 90Deg to the Left you are then looking East and this is what you see....

....the Rio Grande valley in the distance.

In the Foreground is the village of Kingston and....

in the Background is Hillsboro, NM. Caballo Lake in the distance is about 25 Mi away and the mountain is 30 Mi away. The Haze is actually Smoke from a Wildfire on Ft Bliss (El Paso) 130 Mi to the South. This Landscape is a Stark Contrast to Hawaii, Eh?

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  1. I love following your adventures. Rio Grande Valley is beautiful. Looks like you and your dad are having a good time, even if it isn't Hawaii!!

    I'll post some pictures myself, when I finally get to go somewhere.


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