Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More House Work and the Baby whose house it is

So on Oct 3 there was this phone call:

Amy: "Dad, can you come and help Paint 'cause we are a bit behind"? (subtext: "the baby is due Dec 17 and the house isn't done").

Lew: "Sure. I'll be there day after tomorrow".

No PICs of me because I was too busy painting. But this PIC shows the just-completed Solar installation. Chris installed all the Collectors. Once the interior paint was done and all the lighting fixtures installed, I took off for Bethel Park.

In case anyone hadn't noticed from the PICs, Amy was expecting her first Child Dec 17, so it was time for a Baby Shower. So back to Stamford we zoomed.

We loaded Katz into her mobile Digs (Adam says that for her it is "Traveling Hell") and away we went. The CG at Robert Treman stays open for Hunting Season so we spent the night there. Marco's electric heat kept us Toasty. It did cost us $28 and this is in a State Park!

This is what the Swimming Hole looks like when drained for the winter.

No PICs at the Shower 'cause we were way to busy.

Then we zoomed back to Bethel Park....on December 8 the call came with the news of Baby Nathaniel Johns Warren had been born around 11PM Dec 7! So Jan got aboard the Tin Bird and took off for Stamford to meet our third Grandchild.

Meanwhile, back in Bethel Park, Christmas preparations were ongoing.

Location:Stamford, Vt

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