Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marco MODs Update

An update of Marco modifications is in order.
The oiled Pine countertop didn't stand up so
it was replaced with Polyurethane finished (3 coats) Pine.
The new location for the A/C works well.
The Aircard/Router and Amplifier fit nicely and out of the way.
Above is the new medicine cabinet.
The Internet equipment runs on 12VDC and is available
even when Boondocking.
A clean installation of the A/C. Notice the LED lights.
Notice also the compact Bike Rack which holds our two bikes handily.
Now this is the best thing since sliced bread.
I'm talking about the BAL Lock Arm Stabilizer Bar running diagonally from top right to bottom left.
The Stabilizing Jack (the heavy black part running fore-aft)
is thus braced in all directions and all "rocking 'n shaking" is ended.


  1. Nice to see you guys back on the road. It has been a while! We are heading for New Orleans in a couple of days.

  2. Thanks, Croft. We haven't Blogged for awhile because things were kind of tooo busy. Our Daughter had her first baby on Dec 7 (and our third Grandkid :~) ). Have fun in the Big Easy. Jan is taking very early retirement in 1Yr, 4Mth, 9Dys. We may well meet you somewhere warm in the Winter of '12/'13.

  3. It may have to be in Mexico, Lew. This weather in the "Good Ol' South" is not what we were expecting. I can hear Mexico calling my name!

  4. Welcome to Global Climate Change. While we are freezing in Pa and the South is "abnormally" cool, Hudsons Bay country is as much as 40DegF above "normal" and the Arctic in general is way too warm.

  5. I like your aircard setup! It is just what I want. What brand is your WIFI router and are you happy with it? Do you have an external antenna?

    I bought the Virgin Broadband system as it gives me the ability to only pay for it while I am in the USA (1 -6 months per year). The ability to use it wireless on both computers is very attractive.

  6. Croft, we use a Cyfre 819 Amplifier (the green box) with an external Antenna and a Cradlepoint CTR 350 Router. The Aircard is from Sprint but we ended that service. We will go with the Millenicom 20Gig no-contract plan. It uses Verizon towers. I think your Virgin Mobile uses Sprint.

  7. Millenicom is also month-to-month.


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