Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Nate Pays a Visit

Amy had a few days left of her three month Maternity Leave so she and Nate got on the Tin Bird and made their way to the Steel City.

How they do grow
and change!

 Baby Violet got to
her Cousin Nate.

Visiting is Hungry Work
so a lot of Silk Road
Takeout was required.

 Next morning it was time
for Nate to have a
Walk in the Woods.

These new-fangled
Kangaroo Pouches
are ideal. Nate just
loves going for a

 Walking is such hard work!
So a Nap is just the Thing.

 Grandpa makes a good Nest,
don't you think?

Grandma, Nate and Amy
think Bath Time is
lots of Fun.

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