Sunday, March 20, 2011

Violet's First Birthday

The Crocuses are Blooming so...
it must be Violet's Birthday.

Grandpa got the job of
Violet's first Ride.
Two pages of Instructions....
Can he do it?

No Problemo!

 The Birthday Girl
in her Finery.

 At Violet's house the Crocuses are
of course

 Big Sister Cordelia
made this beautiful sign.

 Aha! Birthday presents.
Blocks from Aunt Amy, Uncle Chris
and Nate.

 A Talking Bear from Aunt Missy,
Uncle Kevin, Cousin Robbie
and Cousin Kayla.
PJs she can grow into
from Great Grandma.

Violet and her Cousin Robbie
admire the Bear.
Looks like a bib is
Violet's first "blanky".

 Her first RV
from Grandma&Grandpa.

 Time for
Birthday Pizza.
Violet Loves Food.
All Food.
Just bring it on.

Birthday cake from
Bethel Bakery.
Looks like Cordelia

 Of course Violet
had her own Cake.

 Cousin Kayla and Sister Cordelia
enjoyed a visit and the Cake.

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