Thursday, July 21, 2011

West Virginia

June 15---School is out and it is time to travel. First stop is Watoga State Park in West Virginia.  Situated on the Greenbrier River.... has a very nice campground with a nearby bike trail with bridges....   
....and tunnels.
From the campground a hiking trail ascends to an observation tower. A 900Ft climb in one Mile.

Like most of America's State Parks this park was built by FDR's CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). This was a Great Depression program which provided three squares and a bed to unemployed single young men. The families also received directly a monthly check which was the man's wages. For many young men that was the only Work they had ever had and for many of their Families that was the only source of Money Income. In 1999 grateful former CCC men erected this statue in Honor of that "big government" program which provided hope&sustenance to so many and which built most of our State Parks. In today's political climate this kind of working-for-the-common-Good can't happen.


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