Monday, April 09, 2012

More Cycling Stamina!

So once Jan is done with the work-a-day world on June 8 we plan to be on our bikes more. A lot more. Jan is quite happy with her Ride, a Fuji ‘cross’ bike (sometimes euphemistically called a “comfort” bike). Lew has had a Trek 4900 Mountain Bike for ten years which was getting to be torture to ride. It’s forward leaning riding position causes a lot of weight on the hands and strain on the shoulders. Something had to be done so Lew went off to REI and road-tested a ‘cross’ bike which he came home with.
Comin’ atcha'.
He doesn’t seem to be
in pain, does he?
Three weeks and
150 miles later
he is real glad for
the change and wishes
he had done it years sooner.
Notice the completely
upright position with
no pressure on the


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The upright position seems to work better for us as well. There is something about not leaning and having your weight distributed over the hips that is just more natural, at least for us.
    June is coming! Hang in there and you'll soon be free.
    Be well and Safe Travels, Ann and Jerry 27' Lazy Daze motor home

  2. For me it was the weight on my hands that was intolerable. While the upright position does reduce the ‘power’ one can apply to the pedals I’ll gladly accept that penalty for a pain-free ride.



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