Friday, May 11, 2012

More Data is More Power!

Piloting an RV is not your Sunday drive in the Park. You are High, Wide, Long and Heavy. Three tools help make the Drive a bit less stressful.
Scape’s Dashboard with three important tools

(1) A Trailer TPMS (Tire Pressure&Temperature Monitoring System).
(2) A Scangauge.
(3) A GPS system.

     A TPMS tells the driver in real time the pressure and temperature of each trailer tire. An air leak or dragging brake is thus detected before either the tire overheats and fails catastrophically (Blows) or the brake overheats and catches fire.
The right trailer tire
pressure is 46PSI and
it’s temperature is 66 DegF.

The Scan gauge is an ingenious device which plugs into the car’s OBDII Computer port. It reads continuously reads the data buss and is capable of displaying anything the Engine and Transmission control computers know. The most important things to know when towing a heavy trailer are transmission fluid temperature and engine coolant temperature.
Upper left = Transmission Fluid Temp
Lower left = % of Throttle
(tells me when the tranny is about to downshift)
Upper right = Engine Coolant Temp
Lower right = Electrical System Voltage
The modern [talking] GPS is a wonderful thing when driving in strange cities with complex Interstate Highway intersections. Just give it an address and it leads you there.
That Garmin Guy.
It always knows where you are
by triangulating on several
Global Positioning Satellites .

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